Let's put a price on it

On average, custom made wine costs


The Wine Kit

Like any liquor store, wine kits range in price depending on the wine style and quality you choose. An average wine kit costs between $75 - $100 and makes 30 bottles of wine.

The Winery Fee

Your local winemaking store charges a winemaking fee which is, on average, $40 to make your wine for you. All you do is sprinkle the yeast to start the wine fermenting. Your retailer, who is expertly trained, does all of the other work over a 4 to 6 week period. They also guarantee the quality of your wine – ask your retailer for details.


You can bring your own wine bottles or purchase them from your winemaking retailer. If you use your own , your retailer has professional bottle cleaning equipment to make sure they are spic and span for your wine. Alternatively you can purchase new bottles for approximately $1/bottle.

Bottle Labels

Purchase pre-made bottle labels from your winemaking retailer, sold in packs of 30 for approximately $0.15/label. You can also purchase custom made labels from your retailer or from an online label supplier. Prices will vary. Alternatively you can design your own label and print them at home or at your local office supply store. See what others have done in our Label Gallery.


You know the coloured foil that covers the top of a wine bottle? That’s called a shrink (or enotherm if you want to get technical). Purchase whatever colour you like from your winemaking retailer to compliment your bottle label. They cost approximately$0.10/shrink and you can use your retailer's heat shrink equipment to professionally apply them. If you’ve never done it before, you absolutely should - it is very cool!