Planning? Let's talk numbers

How much wine will I need for my wedding?

Welcome to Wedding Wine Math 101. Here’s some easy math to help you plan how much you need:

Answer These Questions:

a) How many of my guests will be drinking wine?

Don’t include your underage guests. They don’t get the good stuff!

b) How generous am I?

This means how many servings you want to provide to each of your legal drinking age guests. The average is two, 5 ounce/150ml servings per guest.

c) Do I want to serve both red and white wine?

Your answer should be yes so you are the hostess with the mostess. Typically one style of red wine and one style of white are sufficient. Note: Your total servings can be equally divided among your red and white wines

Guests × Servings ÷ Servings/Bottle = Wedded Wine Bliss

Once you know the answers to the above questions, calculate what you need. Here’s an example for your reference:

Wedding Guests:
Servings Per Guest:
Total Servings Needed:

Servings Per Bottle:
Bottles Needed:
Bottles Per Wine Kit:

Total Wine Kits Required:

150 people (all legal drinking age)
2 x 150 = 300 servings

5 servings per 750ml bottle of wine
300 servings/5 servings per bottle = 60 bottles
30 bottles of wine

60 bottles of wine/30 bottles needed = 2 wine kits

Note: You can choose to split your total servings among red and white wine. In this case that would mean making one white wine kit and one red wine kit.

For additional information or suggestions, talk to your winemaking retailer.