Other Ideas

With custom made wine, remember:

Reuse your bottles

Your winemaking retailer has bottle washers to clean and sanitize your wine bottles meaning you can go green and reuse your bottles over and over again.

Use Shrinks

What’s a Shrink?  It’s that piece of foil at the top of your bottle that covers the cork.  Beyond looking pretty (when you choose a colour to compliment your bottle label) it also helps seal your wine for optimal aging. Try different colours for different looks.

Start a wine cellar

Having wine always on hand is one of life’s great conveniences and pleasures.  It means no last minute runs to the liquor store for last minute get togethers, gifts or just a glass of wine after a long day at work

Wine Crafts

Wine crafts are in! Check out our Pinterest page for ideas and inspiration on how to impress your friends.