Getting Married?

You Need Wine!

Did you know you can personalize wine for your wedding or wedding favours and save money at the same time? You can. It's easy, economical and beautiful!

Winemaking Made Easy

Custom made wine is available through winemaking retailers located across Canada.  Retailers make wine for you from high quality wine kits that use juices sourced from vineyards around the world.  All you do is select your favourite wine then return 4-6 weeks later and bottle it.  Each wine kit makes 30 bottles of wine that on average are about $5/bottle compared to $10-$15/bottle at your liquor store.   If you prefer, you can also make wine at home, saving you even more.  For more winemaking information see our How To section.

Label it Your Way

Your wedding is both a celebration and reflection of you.  Your wine can be a part of that.  By selecting or creating a custom label that matches your colours, décor, and personality your wine takes any celebration or gift of wine to the next level.  See our label gallery for ideas and inspiration.

Wine comes in handy for Everything

Personalized, wonderful and yet economical, custom wine comes in handy for anything and everything.  Here are just a few ideas:

• Serve it at your wedding. See our Legal section for information.
• Give it to your guests as a Wedding Favour
• Thank your wedding party with a gift of personalized wine
• Use the bottle label of your wine to show the menu of your engagement party (or any party).
• Give the gift of wine as a wedding gift.  With 30 bottles/wine kit it makes a lovely and tasty gift!

Check out our Label Gallery and Tips & Ideas section for even more ideas.

Hosting A Dinner Party?

Serve custom made wine labeled with the dinner menu.

Need A Hostess Gift?

Personalized wine with a fun label is always appreciated.

Gifts For All Occasions

Christmas, Valentines, Birthdays – you name it, wine with a personalized label is always a hit!

How do I DIY My Wedding Wine?

All it takes is a few easy steps!